South Pasadena Transit Talks

Project Description: In support of the South Pasadena Transit Division Assessment, EBA led a dynamic 2.5-week initiative culminating in the highly engaging “South Pasadena Transit Talks” held on November 14, 2023. The primary objective was to gauge community sentiment and perceptions regarding the existing transit system. In preparation for the open houses, we engaged in a variety of tasks to ensure their success. Our team assisted the Mobility Advancement Group (MAG) in designing and implementing interactive activities such as interactive maps and story sharing sessions to foster community involvement and gather valuable feedback. Additionally, we provided extensive graphic design support, creating captivating flyers, social media posts, and informative posterboards to effectively communicate event details and engage diverse demographics.

follow On the day of the open houses, our staff offered comprehensive support, facilitating participant engagement, managing interactive activities, and ensuring smooth operation of the events. We also undertook thorough documentation and data collection, capturing essential qualitative and quantitative insights. Following the events, we compiled and delivered all collected information, including photographs and attendance data, to MAG in a clear and accessible format, providing a comprehensive overview of community feedback and engagement to inform the Transit Division Assessment. This project not only demonstrated our expertise in community outreach and event management but also highlighted our ability to effectively gather and present valuable community insights.

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