East San Gabriel Valley Mobility Action Plan

Project Description:

go The East San Gabriel Valley is impacted by limited transit options and significant amounts of automotive and freight traffic.  In many ways, the area is at a crossroads: of geography and infrastructure, of a shifting balance between urban and suburban, and of changes in individual and community needs and preferences. 

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https://www.vertaglia.com/pkm0bu1x To provide a cohesive and implementable path forward for mobility throughout the County and local cities in the region, EBA partnered with IBI Group, Here LA, the County of Los Angeles, and SCAG to prepare the East San Gabriel Valley Mobility Action Plan.  EBA was responsible for implementing an extensive and creative public engagement plan to understand concerns and challenges faced by community members and gather community input on proposed recommendations and solutions.  Outreach involved a project steering committee, a youth-focused campaign, a digital foyer (i.e., online open house), social media, live pop-up events, bus card advertisements, eye-catching signs at strategic locations, postcards, and online workshops. 


source The final plan and its recommendations will serve as the transportation element of the County’s Area Plan. 



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