Hector A. Ramirez, MA

Project Finance Administrator

Hector Ramirez is a finance and funding project administrator charged with obligating, administering, and managing Federal, state, county, and foundation grant funding for various types of projects. He works closely with the California Department of Transportation’s (Caltrans) Local Assistance to administer federal-aid to local agencies and municipalities. He has developed several federal-aid procedural and tracking systems for various public agencies and is responsible for the direction and coordination of E-76 Federal and state-funded projects. Mr. Ramirez also has significant experience as a cost estimator, which includes performing rough-order-of-magnitude estimates at the schematic design level for transportation and sustainable active transportation facility design.

In addition to his corporate and nonprofit experience, Mr. Ramirez served in the United States Marine Corps as a Flight Equipment Marine tasked with assembling, inspecting and maintaining all survival gear essential to completing training and mission specific operations.