Municipal Funds Management

City of Azusa, CA

Funds Management
Grants Services
Multimodal Planning
Land Use Planning
Historic Preservation


Project Description:

EBA provides on-call funds management and grant writing services for the City of Azusa. EBA provides transportation management and technical support services for the transportation and public works departments. This includes management and grant funds administration services, consultant management and oversight, staff augmentation, maintenance and operations, capital improvement studies, historic preservation studies, Caltrans Request for Authorization of Federal, Metro, FHWA and FTA funding and required reporting documentations. Our firm takes special care in tracking the status of all work related to transportation and public works projects including, Metro, State and Federal funding management and administration.

EBA provides the City with staff support in the areas of grants acquisitions, grants/funds management, CIP funding updates, funds maintenance/obligation, audit close-outs and other project management related activities. EBA works with the City to develop a comprehensive grants database and funding opportunities to supplement the City’s capital improvement plan. EBA summarizes the policy requirements and goals of the individual programs to determine consistency between the funding programs’ policies and the city’s goals for the individual projects.

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